A blog is born

A few weeks ago my company, Subcat, wrapped up our annual planning session. During the session, we talked about the direction of the company, as well as areas within the company that needed, well, tightening up. One topic that continued to come up was the need to centralize all of our research and
ideas. As a marketing agency that prides itself on understanding unique subcategories of the population, we collect quite a bit of information. This comes in the form of white papers, articles, blog postings, websites, statistics, surveys and other tidbits of interesting information that our staff may collect.

Once upon a time, the challenge was trying to find and collect information on these diverse subcategories. For example, studies of cultural marketing were mostly academic in nature, while research on the youth market was difficult to find. Most of the information available was in the form of expensive reports or complex primary research.  Today, that challenge is different. The challenge now is organizing the incredible amounts of information that is published every day—and on a wide variety of topics. This was the task we faced.

So someone during our planning session brought up an interesting proposition: “why don’t we start a blog as a way to share all this information not only internally, but with our clients and peers?”

And so SubcatMarketing.com was born.

The goal of our blog is simple: provide a place for our staff members, business partners, clients and anyone else to share research and ideas that is focused on subcategory marketing. Although the focus of our postings will center around youth culture (kids, tweens, teens and young adults), parent and family dynamics, and the Hispanic demographic, we invite anyone and everyone to share information on other subcategories as you see fit. Please, we invite you to join our conversation.

And so with that invitation, I’m happy to say, “Welcome to the Subcat Marketing blog.”

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