Kids Rock Lollapalooza

Need more proof that Gen X & Y parents want to share their love of music with their children? As I wrote in my previous post, Kids and Coachella, the outdoor music festival industry is experiencing a shift in how young Gen X & Y parents attend concerts—in many cases, they’re bringing their kids along with them. The opportunity for concert promoters to capitalize on this trend is tremendous.

Since 2009, the original Gen X music festival, Lollapalooza, has had a family-themed version hosted in conjunction with the annual concert (held in Chicago’s Grant Park). Titled Kidzapalooza, families are treated to popular kindie rock performers, as well as music-inspired activities including Rock Star Video Karaoke, Hip Hop Workshop, DrumZone and Break Dancing Workshops.

And the best part of Kidzapalooza? It’s free for kids under 10 when accompanied by a ticket-holding adult attending Lollapalooza.

OK Coachella, your move.

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