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OK I admit it. I love Cookie Magazine. Yes, I know I am clearly not within the magazine’s target demographic (cool and hip moms), but I do have a two-year old daughter and that, I believe, helps me justify my subscription. Well that and the fact that it’s a great way to keep an eye on today’s Gen X mom market. Just flip through the pages and you’ll find some of the best advertising geared toward Gen X moms. It’s basically a who’s who of family products.

And unlike Parenting which always features some cute (but random) baby on the cover, Cookie magazine covers feature well-known celebrities and their offspring. From Brooke Shields and Amanda Peet, to Liv Tyler and Jada Pinkett-Smith, these celebrity moms give today’s Gen X moms the permission to retain their cool style and sense of adventure. Or as the Cookie media kit states:

“Cookie believes that being a good parent and maintaining your sense of style are not mutually exclusive.”

Oh, and did I mention their music reviews are impeccable. My daughter loves the new kids album from the jazz groove masters Medeski Martin and Wood. Thanks for the tip Cookie!

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