Welcome to X / Y / Z Mashup

After a nine-month hiatus, the Subcat Marketing blog is back online with a new name and refined focus on the world of kids, teens & young adults—and the parents who love them.

Welcome to Subcat’s X/Y/Z Mashup.

Through our extensive research and work within the youth market, one thing has become clear: family matters. Whether it’s the Gen Y mom monitoring the media habits of her pre-schooler, the Gen X dad discussing finances with his college-bound child, or the whole family sharing a cell phone plan, today’s generations are inextricably connected.

Our goal with the X/Y/Z Mashup is to explore all facets of youth and family culture, and interpret what this means to marketers, educators and researchers. In our blog, you can expect us to provide an analysis of current efforts by some of the biggest names in youth and family marketing, we’ll explore the banking habits of teens and young adults, we’ll take a peek at the latest in kids’ media, we’ll dig in deep to understand today’s family dynamics, and we’ll uncover the role of technology, gadgets and social media in the youth space.

And we’re going to have fun doing it!

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