Elements of Money is an award-winning program that helps put your credit union at the center of today’s teen revolution. With the Elements of Money, you can harness the power of social media with fully-managed campaigns and contests, driven by an interactive website, fresh youth-centric content—and anchored by your credit union brand!

A Multi-Channel Program
Today’s Millennial teens live in a world of social media, mobile apps, streaming audio and video, and of course, the web. There’s no shortage of choices for their media consumption. For credit unions trying to reach members 13 to 18 years old, the implication is clear—engaging teens takes a well-coordinated, multi-channel strategy.

Elements of Money combines technology, education, social media and marketing to help credit unions reach teens through multiple channels at once. We do it by combining innovative social web strategies, financial content, credit union advocacy and traditional marketing communications. All developed, managed and maintained by our award-winning team of youth-marketing experts.

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