Review of ING Direct’s Planet Orange


I had the pleasure to once again work with Jeffry Pilcher at The Financial Brand. Jeffry asked if I would like to write a review of ING Direct’s revamped kid’s website, Planet Orange. How could I resist? Here’s an excerpt of the review:

When it comes to engaging kids, the greatest challenge facing any financial institution is sustaining interest. With Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney pumping out children’s programming 24 hours a day, the competition for the attention of a 10-year old is fierce. It’s this fact that makes ING Direct’s newly redesigned kids educational website, Planet Orange, all the more impressive.

Derived from ING Direct’s “Orange” brand, Planet Orange provides learning activities and games designed to teach kids (grades one to six) financial responsibility. Although not quite as entertaining as Spongebob or Ben 10, Planet Orange nevertheless succeeds in delivering much-needed financial literacy in an interesting package — suitable for today’s media-saturated kids.

You can read the entire review here.

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